cafeland food go bad

Does food spoil in Cafeland?

After how much time do my dishes spoil? When the food is ready to serve, you must send it to the counter within the cooking duration exclusive to that food. If the food is cooked in half an hour, then it means that it will be spoilt in half an hour unless you send it to the counter.

What is the fastest way to make money in Cafeland?

One of the fastest ways to earn coins in this game is by serving only the dish that costs more. This will result in the customers paying you with more coins since you’re only serving expensive dishes or drinks. So that’s one of the best ways to earn coins.Jul 4, 2021

How do you increase food mastery in Cafeland?

Master The Different Dishes Each dish in your menu has a mastery bar. To fill up that bar, you need to cook that dish repeatedly. The number of times you need to cook a certain dish in order to get a Mastered status on it varies. Try to focus on the dishes that only take a few minutes to make.May 21, 2019

What does Carolyn Sunroe like?

Carolyn Sunroe (1 minute to invite)LevelCategoryFavorite Food5Appetizer Dessert PastaPurple potato bites Caramel Cups Lasagna6Sobremesa Carne Vegetables DessertBeef Strogonoff Confit de Canard Panzanella Cherry Cupcake7Dessert Dessert Dessert SoupBon Bon Pie Cherry Cupcake Macaroons BrocolliSandwichHot Dog9 more rows

How many Cafeland expansions are there?

ExpansionsSizeLvl UnlockedCoin Amount7x7110,0008×8220,0009×9450,00010×107100,00013 more rows

How long does it take for food to spoil in Cafeland?

Food will spoil once it has sat on the stove without being served for a period of time that lasts as long as it took to cook the item, up to two hours. For food that takes longer, it will spoil in half of the cooking time.Sep 20, 2011

How many dishes does Cafeland have?

These dishes are available for cooking on the stoves, and can be cooked using coins. Kitchenwares are given upon starting to cook, while XP are given after the dish is served….General Dishes.NameMaple Roasted Acorn SquashNumber of servings415Profit6750Profit / Time (Sec)14.063Coins / XP24.345 more columns

What is Cafeland quest?

Quests allow you to collect XP, coins, special dishes, themed decorations and other prizes in the game.

What are parties in Cafeland?

Hearts can be spent to throw parties in your cafe, which lasts for 120 seconds. Each party gives your cafe a different theme (decorations on the edges of the cafe, wall decorations, wall topper and customer clothing). Throwing parties give partyware, which unlocks other parties.

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